We ensure your experience at Diamond Parks is the safest., 

Ample Free

Ample free parking for vehicles of all sizes and shapes.

Locker bag

Locker bags to keep all your belongings and precious items safe.

Swimming Costume Rental

Not sure if your swim wear still fits ? Worry not we've got you covered, literally!

in-house Store

From refreshments to Sun-block we've got a fully equipped store.

 The  Hill Top

You get a free Veg Lunch with every ticket at the Hill-Top Restaurant.

Health & Safety

You're in safe hands at Diamond Water Park with our unrivalled reputation for customer safety.
We take multiple  precautions to ensure a fun, safe water park experience for all visitors.


Every attraction in the Waterpark is staffed by certified lifeguards, who ensure that guests can enjoy rides in a timely fashion while staying safe in the water.


Regular Checks and Full Maintainence is carried out everyday at Diamond Waterpark to ensure you have a safe experience.

First-Aid Kits

All attractions in the Waterpark is equiped with fully funtional and updated First-Aid kits , additionally a full kit is available at the Waterpark Store

Ambulance Services

Immediate Ambulance facility is avaialble on-call all day long at the Waterpark. We've had a zero incident day since we opened for almost 25 years.


Park Rangers
Mountaineering experts who have scaled the Himalayan Mountain Ranges and certified in safety procedures and emergency situations.
Park Marshals
Knowledgeable and Experienced mountaineers that are very well aware of safety procedures.
ERCA Certified
Diamond Adventure Park adheres to all the existing ERCA ( European Rope Course )  standards  in construction, inspection & operation.