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28 International Water Rides

Wavepool, Family Play station, Kiddies pool,
Multilane, Octopus and much more

24 Adventure Rides.

Rocket bunjee, Zipline, Zorbing, Rock-climbing, archery,
Sky and ground rop courses, childrens activites

Camp under the Stars.

An exclusive campsite with various activites
for groups of all ages.

Make learning fun.

There's something for children of all ages at Diamond Parks.
Combine a great outdoor experience with the magic of water,
adventure and camping, enabling children for the world tomorrow.

Diamond Parks will take your childs next class.

Children of different ages learn and react differntly to our surroundings,
we understand this vast difference have special packages for them all.

Pre-school & Primary

Introduce young ones to an otherwise
unexplored world of water, greenery and fun.  
We're sure to captivate their hearts and minds.

Middle and High School

Accelerate the learning process of children
and help them learn to have fun with full
safety and responsibility. 

College and University

The future of tomorrow,  they've worked hard
to get here. Give them a much needed break !

Whether it be a small kindergarten group or a bunch
of enthusiastic middle schoolers, we're here to guide to with
what you need for an ecstatic day at Diamond Parks.
We've been doing this for over 25 years.

Contact our School Expert.