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Night & Day Treks

Reconnect with nature on your Day River Trek
& fell rejuvenated on your Night mountain trek.

16+ Outdoor Activites

Valley crossing, treasure hunt,
ultimate frisbee, farm trail and many more

100 pawcent pet friendly

Our furry camp managers Tsar & Kaizer,
do a great job of handling our pet guests.

Pitch Perfect 

Spacious Roofed and Open-to-sky tent sites with large,
well-defined and comfy areas for your tent, BBQ Pits,
nearby restrooms and showers and the freedom to stretch out.
Pitch your tent and ditch your worries.

Camp Diamond Activities 

There's something for everybody at Camp Diamond.

Day Activities 

All day attractions

• Tent Pitching And Trenching
• Outdoor Skill Learning
• Day River Trek
• Navigation Techniques 
• Ultimate Frisbee
• Organic Farm Walk
• Bird Watching

Night Activites

Splendid night activities

• Night Mountain Trek
• Star Gazing
• Treasure Hunt
• Outdoor BBQ
• Camp Bonfire

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